Who are we

We are Alama; a branding and marketing consultancy located at Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, that has been a part of the industry since 2008. We specialize in all marketing activities, as well as branding and re-branding identities. We incorporate rich Arabic traditions and values into our clients' projects, whether they were corporate or individuals. We are driven to work with clients who are not satisfied with mediocrity and demand excellence and individuality, as they are significant characteristics for Alama as well. In order to achieve that, we utilize clear and coherent communication services to ensure absolute contentment. These services are provided with utmost dedication and devotion to all of our clients and their projects with complete immaterialness to the size of each project. We pay attention to the smallest bit of details of the brand, starting from its appearance and vibe, moving to the color palette that is best suitable for it, to even the artwork and marketing materials that are used through all communication modes and mediums.
  • Our Vision

    To become the lead branding and marketing company in the KSA, in order to make Saudi Arabia a prominent name for its thriving individuals, businesses and brands.

  • Our Mission

    To achieve brilliance through transforming visions into tangible ideas, all while adding a competitive edge to our clients through their products or services. Making them recognizable and distinguishable locally and optimistically, globally.

  • Our Values

    We are unique and well rooted to our Arabic culture and in-vogue with the present world. We give high importance to communication and mutual understanding, as it is the gateway to blooming and flourishing.



We create winsome and captivating strategies for our clients as we work closely with them. All of which comes after we help them assert their identity, vision, mission and target audience, as well as a firm branding strategy. Our outstanding designing team can project your brand through any medium such as the web, the media, motion and video graphics, and viral or promotional marketing campaigns.
  1. علامة :: Branding



    • Brand Strategy

    • Brand Naming

    • Brand Architecture

    • Brand Launch

    • Brand Collateral

    • Brand Positioning

    • Brand Messaging

    • Brand Books

    • Brand Guideline

    • Brand Engagement

    • Brand Governance

    • Corporate Identity

    • Art Direction

  2. علامة :: Website Designing


    Website Designing

    • Website Design

    • Website Maintenance

    • Website Advertising

    • Website Marketing

    • E-Commerce

    • Optimization

    • Content Development

    • Multimedia and Animation

  3. علامة :: Public Relations


    Public Relations

    • PR Strategy

    • Media Relations

    • News Releases

    • Newsletters and Brochures

    • Awareness Campaigns

    • Social Media

    • Annual Reports

  4. علامة :: Media Management


    Media Management

    • Media Planning

    • Media Buying

    • Spot Trafficking

    • ROI Measurement

    • Campaign Management

    • Station Reconciliations

  5. علامة :: Event Management


    Event Management

    • Creation and development of small and large scale event

    • Event planning and scheduling

    • Event launch

    • Projection, programming and coordination of the activities services

    • Selection of destination and location services

    • Organization of special parties and performances

    • Organization of the social activities before, after and during the meetings and events

    • Decoration of the venues, performance halls, exhibition halls

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علامة :: Works Inn

Works Inn


علامة :: بيوت الرواد

Boyot Alruwad


علامة :: مسابقة ارمكو السعودية لرسوم الأطفال

Saudi Aramco Event


علامة :: التميمي العقارية

Tamimi Properties


علامة :: Carbon Forum

Carbon Forum


علامة :: تمكين



علامة :: أرباح المالية

Arbah Captial


علامة :: الجبيري للمحاماة

Al Jubairi Law Firm


علامة :: الكيميائية






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